Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Old Interstates, New Tollroads?

Texas's Department of Transportation is lobbying Congress to pass a law that would allow them to "buy back" parts of an interstate, and then turn them into toll roads. We would have to pay to drive on roads that have all ready been paid for by our taxes. The money would be used as a source of transportation funding.

I live near the new toll roads, but I choose not to use them, except on rare occasions. They are set up differently then any other toll road I have ever been in, in the fact that you must stop in the middle of the road to pay, and then pay again when you exit. Doesn't it make more sense to just pay when you exit? Plus, it is extremely expensive, right now it's $3.00 from the beginning to the end. That's probably why nobody uses them. There's n ever any traffic on them, and they obviously didn't lighten any traffic on our other interstates, like promised.

What are they going to charge for us to drive on roads that we have all ready paid for? Can you imagine the traffic that will be forced onto smaller roads? I believe they will have the same results as with the other toll roads, and force many people to find other routes. Traffic would become even more of a mess, if it isn't bad enough all ready. They should find another way to raise money; I'm pretty positive it won't make it passed the voters. Or at least I'd hope so.

I found the article on the Austin American Statesman website: